Copper Tite Roof Drain, Retrofit (BCTS39CR)

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COPPER for reliable longevity, TITE for a secure water tight fit. The Copper-Tite retrofit roof drain is made up of a copper body, ABS clamping ring (standard), polyethylene strainer (standard) and expanding tape to prevent water backflow issues.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Copper flange
  • New clamping ring style for single-ply systems
  • Bolt in place polyethylene strainer 
  • Expanding tape to prevent water backflow issues

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Weight 8lb

MARATHON COPPER-TITE Drains are an economical answer to potential water back-up problems. They are designed to fit neatly into old existing drains in a retro-fit application.


STEP 1 Inspect the old drain for possible cracks and for a smooth clean surface. Scrape away old asphalt and dirt. Use a heat gun to soften old asphalt and to achieve a relatively dry surface, if necessary.

STEP 2 Test the size of the new COPPER-TITE drain by inserting it into the now clean original drain before removing the compression tape. With the correct size of COPPER-TITE now confirmed, remove the drain, release the compression tape and promptly re-insert the COPPER-TITE drain. The tape gradually expands to fill the space surrounding the outlet of the new COPPER-TITE there-by creating the back-up seal feature.

STEP 3 Flash in the drain flange according to methods determined by the membrane manufacturer and/or the roofer using the clamping ring, if applicable. Attach the strainer dome.

OPTIONS & SPECIFICATIONS STRAINER DOMES: Plastic is standard, Aluminum & Cast Iron is optional. FLANGE OPTIONS: Plain finish -N/C • PVC & TPO coatings


Roof Drain Pipe Size Part # Specification Flange Size

Part #

Specification Flange Size Part # Specification Flange Size
2" CST29 175 x 9 (SF) 14" CTS29CR 175 x 9CR (LF) 18" CTS29CR(E) 175 x 9CR (SF) 14"
3" CTS39 275 x 9 (SF) 14" CTS39CR 275 x 9CR (LF) 18" CTS39CR(E) 275 x 9CR (SF) 14"
4" CTS49 375 x 9 (SF) 14" CTS49CR 375 x 9CR (LF) 18" CTS49CR(E) 375 x 9CR (SF) 14"
5" CTS59 475 x 9 (LF) 18" CTS59CR 475 x 9CR (LF) 18"      
6" CTS69 575 x 9 (LF) 18" CTS69CR 475 x 9CR (LF) 18"      
8" CTS89 775 x 9 (LF) 18" CTS89CR 775 x 9CR (LF) 18"      

(SF) Small Flange

(LF) Large Flange

Just prior to inserting the COPPER-TITE drain the installer removes the exterior restraining tape and immediately sets the retro drain in place. The released tape gradually expands to fill the space between the COPPER-TITE drain and the existing drain sleeve making the connection watertight. COPPER-TITE sealant tape expands more slowly in cold temperatures. When heat is applied to the inside of the outlet the sealant tape expands more rapidly. Should the tape expand too much before inserting the COPPER-TITE drain, simply re-compress the tape by hand and then insert the drain.