Complete Stanchion Assembly for Fall Ban Cable Guard Kits #FB-1942 (US Version)

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US Complete Stanchion Assembly for FALL BAN Cable Guard Roof Perimeter Guardrail Safety System #FB-1942

The U.S. version of the Fall Ban Complete Stanchion Assembly comes with all of the necessary stanchion components, including:

  • (1) U.S. Stanchion 
  • (1) Stanchion to wall rest brace assembly w/ foot #FB-1928
  • (2) Safety Lock Pin #FB-1915
  • (2) L-Bolts #FB-1909
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Complete U.S. Stanchion Assembly for Fall Ban Cable Guard Roof Perimeter Safety Rail Guardrail Kits FB-1942 (US Version). Buy individual pieces or full fall ban cable-guard kits at Panther East. Comes with full US Stanchion Assembly including L-Bolts, Safety Locking pins, and Stanchion to Wall Rest brace assembly with foot. 

  • Made in The USA: Designed, Fabricated, Assembled, Manufactured in America with American Steel
  • Diverse Perimeter Roof Safety Guarding options
  • Universal Fall Protection Stanchions - use With Cable Guard kits, your own cable system, or other safety rail components. 
  • High Quality, Long Lasting, American Made Durability


  • Full US Stanchion Assembly
  • L-Bolts Safety Locking Pins
  • Stanchion to Wall Rest brace assembly + foot


  • Manfacturer: Fall Ban
  • Item: US Stanchion Assembly
  • Part Nummber: FB-1942
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 72" x 17" x 2.5"
More Information
SKU FB-1942-US
Manufacturer Part Number fb-1942
Manufacturer FALL BAN
Weight 15lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 31.25in
Width 2in
Height 2.125in

Additional Specifications for Fall Ban Complete US Stanchion Assembly #fb-1942

  • Complete US Stanchion Assembly Dimensions: 72" x 17" x 2.5"
  • Stanchion to wall rest brace with foot dimensions: 31.25" x 2" x 2.125"

 fall ban us stanchion complete assembly components for fall protection perimeter roof safety kits