Complete Stanchion Assembly - C01 (CANADIAN VERSION) #FB-1941

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Fall Ban Canadian Complete Stanchion Assembly - C01 (Canada Version) #FB-1941

Stanchions can be configured and adjusted various ways to accommodate any roof edge including gutters, parapet walls, gravel stops and overhang roof egdes. Adjustable in a variety of shapes, heights and widths for universal, compliant, rooftop safety and fall protection.

Fall Ban Complete Stanchion Assembly comes with all of the necessary stanchion components, including:

  • (1) Stanchion (Canadian Version)
  • (1) Stanchion to wall rest brace assembly w/ foot #FB-1928
  • (2) Safety Lock Pin #FB-1915
  • (2) L-Bolts #FB-1909

Material: Carbon Steel

Color: Safety Yellow

Finish: Powder CoatStandard color is safety yellow but other colors are available via special order.

Patented in Canada in 2008 and in the USA in 2010

Financing Available for orders over $1,000

Fall Ban Canadian Stanchion Complete Assembly - C01. Fall Ban #FB-1941 Complete Stanchion Assembly is the Canadian (SOR) version for use with only 2 cables.  FallBan was created by a roofer to make it easier, faster, and safer to install leading edge roof perimeter safety rails and cable-guardrail, while also saving money and time on every job site. The Fall Ban Canada Complete Stanchion Assembly can be installed as a temporary or permanent fall protection system on commercial rooftops, industrial properties, factories, warehouses, and other facilities where fall protection compliance is required. 

More About The Fall Ban Canadian Cable Guard System with 2-Cables for Roof Perimeter Fall Protection:

  • FallBan is now available in a new Canadian version -> Canadian Occupational Health and Safety regulations allow for the use of 2 cables for perimeter fall protection on rooftop perimeter edges when roofing.  


  • (1) Canadian Stanchion 
  • (1) Stanchion to wall rest brace assembly w/ foot #FB-1928
  • (2) Safety Lock Pin #FB-1915
  • (2) L-Bolts #FB-1909
  • Optional Canadian 2-Cable conversion adapter available for converting a standard USA 3-Cable stanchion into a Canadian stanchion.
  • Manufacturing of these stanchions and all other components are identical to the original Fall Ban Cable Guard system.

Optional Canadian 2-Cable Conversion Adapter:

  • This adapter is easily installed on our standard USA (OSHA compliant) FallBan stanchion using two ¼’’ x 1 ½’’ bolts, washers and nuts securing it to the top and bottom cable holders.
  • The adapter can be used temporarily or permanently.

NOTE: The 2 cable FallBan system is only allowed in Canada. In the United States, to meet OSHA standards, 3 cables are required. 

Optional adaptor to convert the standard 3 cable stanchion to 2 cables (for use in Canada) is also available and sold separately.

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SKU FB-1941
Manufacturer Part Number FB-1941
Manufacturer FALL BAN
Weight 20lb
Country of Manufacture United States

Fall Ban Cable Guard Roof Perimeter 'Safety Rail" Guardrail Fall Protection Stanchions (Canadian Version C01 FB-1941).

FallBan Canadian Complete Stanchion Parts List Component Breakdown Diagram for easy installation.