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Express Roofers Combo Torch Kit Pack 6211CRE

Titanium Field Torch and Stainless Steel Detail Torch with 25' Hose, Regulators, and Flint Striker. 

The Express Titan Roofing Torch is very powerful and made for roofers who need an exceptional roof torch for applying modified bitumen membrane on a regular basis. Made from Titanium, this ultra strong, powerful propane torch burner is super lightweight, minimizing fatigue and strain while on the job. 


  • TITAN Field Torch | 511,500 BTU - 58 psi 
    • 150T Titanium Burner Head, 150 kW - 4 Bar
    • Neck Tube: 24" (600 mm)
    • 620CR Bi-Material Torch Handle w/ Swivel Connection
    • 30-60 psi Regulator
    • 25 Ft. Hose, UL Listed
    • Clip-On Neck Tube Stand
    • Flint Striker
  • Stainless Steel Detail Torch | 171,000 - 58 psi  
    • 50S Stainless Steel Burner Head, 50 kW - 4 Bar
    • Neck Tube: 5" (130 mm)
    • 620CR Bi-Material Torch Handle w/ Swivel Connection
    • 30-60 psi Regulator
    • 25 Ft. Hose, UL Listed
    • Clip-On Neck Tube Stand
    • Flint Striker
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Express Combo Torch Kit Pack 6211CRE comes with two complete roofing torch sets. Includes Roofers Field Torch Set with a powerful, lightweight 150T Titanium burner, and a Detail Torch set with a 50S Stainless Steel burner. Both roofing torch are equipped with 620CR bi-material torch handles with trigger and fast-connection swivelling elbow attachment that quick-connects to the hoses. This quick-connect swivel attachment prevents damage and twisting to hoses, extending their lifetime and saving you money on the job. Both torches include their own handles, neck tubes, clip-on neck tube stands, 30-60 psi regulators, 25' hoses, and a flint striker.  


  • 3/8” left in “bi-material” handle with trigger and swivel attachment.


Power (kW) at 1.5 bar: 75
Power (kW) at 4 bar
: 150
Consumption (BTU/h) at 1.5 bar: 256,000
Consumption (BTU/h) at 4 bar
: 512,000
Burner nozzle ∅ Diameter: 70 mm
Flame Length: 1000 mm
Flame ∅ Diameter: 130 mm
Weight (g): 122
Fuel: Propane gas


  • Burner Diameter: 50 mm
  • Power (BTU/h): 171,000 at 4 bar
  • Neck Tube Length: 130 mm
  • Flame Length: 650 mm
  • Flame ∅ Diameter: 110 mm
  • Weight (g): 146
  • Flame ∅ Diameter: 130 mm
  • Fuel: Propane gas
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 6211CRE
Manufacturer EXPRESS Soldering & Torches
Weight 5lb
Length 30in
Width 10in
Height 3in

EXPRESS Roofing Combo Torch Kit Pack - Two Torches in One Box, Fully Assembled and Ready to use.

150T TITAN Titanium Roofing Field Torch:

Titan Roofers Field Torch Pack comprising of a Titanium burner Cat. No. 150T, a neck tube Cat. No. L400, a "bi-material" handle with trigger Cat. No. 620CR and swivel attachment, a 25 foot LP hose and a 4 bar/30-60 psi HP regulator.

  • Burner diameter (mm): 70
  • Power (BTU): 511500 at 4 bar
  • Consumption (g/h): 10860 at 4 bar
  • Flame length (mm): 1000
  • Neck Tube Length: 600 mm

50S STAINLESS STEEL Express Roofing Detail Torch: 

Tailor-made roofing torch: depending on the needs, the Stainless Steel'Express flare can be used with the L200. Roofing burners from the Stainless Steel'Express range are intended for particularly demanding roofers who want an extremely effective roofing burner.

L200 Special Roofing Torch Neck Tube:

Stainless Steel Express Roofers Detail Torch is very powerful and made for roofers who are particularly demanding and mindful of having an exceptional roofer torch. The twist lock stand in glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide Cat. No. 4740 is ideal for jobs that require kneeling.


  • Flame Diameter (mm): 50
  • Power (kW): 50
  • Lance/Neck Tube Length (mm): 130, 5 inches