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CIRR D-BOND Crystalized Iso Resin Remover, 5 Gallon | GSP

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Stuck with fully cured Polyurethane Foam and or Resin Build up on your Equipment?  Don’t let cured Isocyanates – Polyurethane Foam/Resin stop you from running a smooth operation! CIRR D-BOND™ is a non-HAPs, Low VOC, Immersion Cleaner developed to remove polyurethane foam which has been sitting on equipment and parts for months or longer.

You Now Can REPLACE solvents like Acetone, MEK, & Methylene Chloride which result in high insurance premiums, by switching to an Environmentally Safe Cleaner.  

CIRR D BOND ™  Crystalized Isocyanates Resin Remover is an organic solvent-based multipurpose Polyurethane Foam Cleaner and Industrial Resin & Coating Remover. It is non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, non-teratogenic, water-miscible and biodegradable.  This product is free of Acetone, MEK, Xylene, Toluene, Methylene Chloride, Aromatics & Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Ketones and Chlorinated Solvents.

It is highly effective in Immersion cleaning of spray equipment, mixing and metering equipment and feed lines, as well as loosening, and removing fully cured and aged urethane foam deposits and build-up from mixing heads, troughs, conveyor parts, side walls, rollers, foam cutting devices and molds.  CIRR D-BOND™  goes beyond performance, it saves you costs across the board.

Financing Available for orders over $1,000

CIRR D-BOND Dissolves both aqueous and solvent-containing paints, lacquers, varnishes, latex, rubber and resins, as well as, adhesives such as: dried cyanoacrylate, silicones, two components PU silicones and bi-component polyurethanes. Is suitable for all ferrous and most non-ferrous metals including iron alloys, steel, cast iron, aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, and brass. Is a non-HAPs, non-Flammable immersion resin & polymer remover, developed to remove uncured and cured deposits and build-up which have been sitting on spray foam equipment including pump packaging, heat exchangers, spray guns, cutting devices, molds, rollers, tools, spray equipment, mixing and metering equipment, feed lines, mixing heads, troughs, conveyor parts, and side walls.

Highly effective in immersion cleaning of:

  • Crystallized Isocyanates
  • Cured Urethane (both MDI and TDI) Esters and Ethers
  • Industrial Resins such as: Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy
  • Pigmented Gel Coats
  • Coatings such as: Polyurea, High & Low Solid Aliphatics, Water Born Epoxy Primers, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Varnishes, and Alkyl Enamel
  • Cured Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive
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Manufacturer Part Number D-W409590-P
Manufacturer Global Specialty Products
Weight 42.3lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 10in
Width 10in
Height 14in