#1 Roofing Spray Cart - The Patriot Junior (PJR), 2019

Thank You for Making The PJR the Number One Selling Spray Cart in Roofing!

The Patriot Junior is now the #1 Spray Cart in the Roofing industry! We are beyond grateful for the success of The PJR over the last few years and we continue to strive to be the best in innovative mobile spray cart design. 

Manufacturing a fully functioning, heavy duty yet lightweight spray cart that saves time and money on the job was the main focus during the inception of The PJR. The Patriot Junior 2-Part Mobile Spray Car was custom designed and fabricated by roofers, for roofers, with the desire to create the most efficient spray rig possible that was fast & effective to lower costs and save time and money on the job. After the initial design was fabricated, we sent the first PJR spray cart out into the field to see how well it would do on different jobs (the initial cart is still being used on jobs today almost 8 years later). After receiving positive feedback from different roofers and a few tips, we made key improvements and updated the design to ensure we had the best cart possible. 

Seeing the original PJR design from 7 years ago evolve from a drawing to a prototype, followed by several design updates, to now have a patented piece of equipment in the game and be the industry’s leading 2-part spray cart is an incredible honor! We will continue to strive to be the best in mobile spray application equipment and have continued to build upon the succes of The Patriot Junior with the larger "P-55" Plural Component Spray Rig, and two brand new patent pending carts "The Donkey" and "Lil' Donkey" Fully Mobile Bonding Adhesive/Primer Spray Carts. 

There is no other cart that can keep pace or compete with the time & money saving advantages of "The Patriot Junior" (PJR). 

Roofers across North America choose The PJR’s unique patented design over all other 2-part spray carts because of it's heavy-duty, lightweight and versatile functionality.

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