Donkey & Lil' Donkey - Mobile Roofing Adhesive, Primer, Spray Foam Application Carts

The Donkey is a mobile adhesive/primer and two-part spray foam application cart for Roofing that holds up to 8 material tanks simultaneously.

The Donkey - Mobile Adhesive and Primer Spray Foam Roofing Cart

With no need to refill as often as you would in the past, the Donkey roofing cart is a major productivity booster! 

This brand new Patent Pending design hit the market in 2019 and has the capability to run 2 guns simultaneously to increase production, decrease downtime and maximize efficiency & cost savings. There is no other cart on the market like The Donkey!

Benefits of The Donkey Roofing Spray Cart:

  • Heavy Duty, Fully Accessorized, Self Contained, Mobile Carrying Cart.

  • Store your guns in the holsters filled with solvent when pausing application or stopping for the day and your guns & hoses will stay sealed air-tight, ready to continue spraying whenever your crew is ready. 

  • CAV Grip Tanks are 60lbs each - with The Donkey there is no need for manually carrying around heavy tanks by hand, or in a messy, unstable wheelbarrow.

The Donkey Roofing Cart - Versico, Carlisle, Firestone, GAF, Adhesive, Primer, Sealant, Spray Foam Application Cart

INTRODUCING... "The LIL' Donkey" 

The Lil' Donkey is a compact version of THE DONKEY, perfect for small to medium sized jobs, repairs, and specifically for the application of CAV-GRIP III to walls and other vertical roof surfaces. The Lil' Donkey holds 20 & 80 gallon tanks to ensure increased productivity, decreased downtime & cost savings. The Lil’ Donkey is perfect for small to medium sized jobs.This fully accessorized cart can also be used for two-part spray foam applications. 


  • ADHESIVE/PRIMER, CAV GRIP: The foundational reason that Amped Equipment custom designed and fabricated The Donkey was at the request of the industry's leading manufacturer of roofing adhesive & roofing systems. The design was specifically fabricated to provide mobile containment and functionality for multiple tanks of adhesive/primer, portable generator power, and the capability of increased output & production simultaneously. Amped Equipment designed both The Donkey & Lil' Donkey to be fully functioning, fully accessorized, self-contained, heavy duty carts that will not dent or damage the rooftop surface, and still provide full mobility for various roofing membrane applications by 1 or 2 workers spraying at a time. 

  • TWO-PART / (A+B): The Donkey & Lil' Donkey are also fully capable of applying two-part spray foam adhesives as well. 

  • THE LIL' DONKEY: The Lil" Donkey is specifically designed to hold up to 4 tanks simultaneously, either 20 gallon or 80 gallon tanks, which make The Lil' Donkey the perfect cart for small or medium sized jobs, repairs, and especially vertical walls using CAV-GRIP III for walls.


CAV-GRIP III: The NEW Revolutionary Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer

Carlisles' NEW CAV-GRIP III Adhesive is a revolutionary product that can be used to bond standard TPO membranes to horizontal substrates for warranties up to 20 years. CAV-GRIP III can also be used to adhere standard EPDM & all FleeceBACK® membranes to vertical walls. This low-VOC, low-odor product can be used in temperatures as low as 25°F (-4°C), dries quickly, and does not require stirring. Because application is quick and easy and tack time is less than five minutes, CAV-GRIP III can provide up to 60% labor savings compared to applications using traditional bonding adhesives.