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RGC Ballast Weight Shells, Counter Weights #0132000

Ballast Weight Shells for Reimann & Georger Swing Hoists, Hand beam Hoists, and Roof Hoisting Equipment.

Part #: 0132000
Compatible Products:

  • HS1000 Swing Hoist
  • HS2000 Swing Hoist 
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Ballast Weight Shells for Roof Hoists and Hoisting Equipment from RGC. An easy-to-assemble steel shell that can be filled with concrete for improved stability and counterbalance for swing and trolley hoists from Reimann & Georger Corp.

SKU: 0132000 

Compatible Products:

  • HS1000 Swing Hoist
  • HS2000 Swing Hoist
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SKU RGC-0132000-X
Manufacturer RGC Hoisting
Country of Manufacture United States

RGC Reimann & Georger Corp Ballast Shells Counter Weights for Swing Hoists

  Ballast Weight Shells  
Part # Description Weight
0132000 Ballast Weight Shells (each) 5 lbs.
0132006 Ballast Weight Shells (6-pack) 31 lbs.
0132010 Ballast Weight Shells (10-pack) 50 lbs.
6432005 Funnel-large for filling ballast weight shells 1 lb.