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Adjustable Height Adapter for Safety Rail Guardrail #400719 | SRC360

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Oftentimes the height of a rooftop may vary from one area to the next, at expansion joints for instance. Our level adapter accounts for these changes in elevation by lifting the SRC360 Mobile Rail to the needed height, keeping it consistent with the rest of the fall-protection system. It simply connects to the bottom of the railing and secures into the weighted base for up to a 10” height increase.

  • Raises Height of SRC360 Mobile Rail up to 10” at Expansion Joints
  • ADJUSTABLE RAIL LEG HEIGHT ADAPTER (up to 10” adjustment)

  • OSHA Compliant
Financing Available for orders over $1,000

SRC360 Mobile Guardrail Adjustable Rail Leg Height Adapter #400719 for Safety Rails. On flat roofs, there are often many different elevations in the building's roof construction. Fall protection railings must traverse these elevation changes in order to maintain total perimeter protection. At large elevation changes, it is better to terminate the railing run on the lower level and start a new railing run on the higher level. However, for smaller elevation changes of 8" or less, our Railing Height Adapter is a quick, simple alternative to ordering custom railing with one longer leg.

When to Use the Height Adapter:

Anytime there is an elevation change of 8" or less and the fall protection railings need to span an area, this adapter is inserted into the bottom of one of the railing legs and then inserted in the base plate, allowing for a continuous perimeter of railing without interruption in the railing run.


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SKU SRC-400719_Adjustable Height Adapter-360
Manufacturer Part Number 400719
Manufacturer Safety Rail Company
Weight 7lb
Country of Manufacture United States
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