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80 lbs Cylinder Tank Warmers • Heated CAV-GRIP Blanket Wraps

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Amped Equipment's 80 lbs Cylinder Tank Warmers are custom designed heated wraps for warming Large CAV-GRIP tanks to their optimal temperature of 100°F for application in cold weather.

These new warming wraps offers a fast, safe, economical, and energy saving way to keep roofing bonding adhesive at optimum temperature for better application results. These custom cylinder tank warmers have a pre-set maximum temperature of 100°F and once that temperature is reached, the warmers self-regulate themselves. This ensures that the adhesive temperature is optimized at all times during application in cold weather, and allows you to extend your season and increase productivity. 

  • 1 Tank Wrap - ask about 2 Wrap Sets
  • Preset optimal temperature of 100°F
  • Lightweight, Easy to use

Ready to use right out of the package:

Step 1: Unroll the warming wraps and attach to CAV-GRIP or other bonding adhesive cylinder tanks

Step 2: Plug them in to any outlet and you're good to go!

Financing Available for orders over $1,000

Custom 80 lbs. (Large) Cylinder Tank Warming Wraps designed specifically for warming large CAV-GRIP bonding adhesive tanks, maintaining an optimal temperature of 100°F allowing application in cold weather. 

These Cylinder Tank Heated Warming Wraps are 28” high x 53” long and come with a preset temperature of 100°F. The tank warmers are made from a heavy duty nylon outer material that surrounds an inner heat reflecting flexible barrier, and they are insulated with closed cell polypropylene. The enclosed heating element plugs into any 120V AC outlet and uses only 80W of power. There is a convenient cord storage pocket on each wrap to store the power cord when not in use. A hook & loop closure along with adjustable cinch straps keep the wraps tightly in place around the cylinders. These custom wraps are the only warmers that have 3 separate Velcro settings to adjust to the size of your cylinder tanks, which allows them to also fit perfectly on 15 Gallon metal or plastic drums as well!

  • Outer Material: Nylon 
  • Inside Material Made of Heat Reflecting Flexible Barrier
  • Insulation Made of Closed Cell Polypropylene
  • Velcro® Closure with Adjustable Cinch Straps for 3 Separate Sizes
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Cord
  • Convenient PowerCord Storage Pocket
  • Color: Amped Purple
  • 28″ High x 53″ Long
  • 120VAC – 80 Watts
  • Designed for heating/warming 80# CAV GRIP tank
  • Maximum Temp 100°F ±


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Manufacturer Amped Equipment
Height 28in
Length 12in
Weight 6lb
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