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4" TPO Square Tubing Wraps, White (BOX of 8) #305577 | WeatherBond

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4" x 4" Square Tubing Wraps, Split TPO Flashing #305577, WHITE (BOX of 8) | for WeatherBond, Carlisle, and Versico Roof Systems

4-inch White TPO Split Square Tube Wraps for flashing square or rectangular roof penetrations where obstructions may exist. These Split square Pipe Seal Wraps are prefabricated using 60-mil reinforced TPO Detail Membrane, these roof penetration seals are designed to flash square metal tubing. A split and overlap tab are incorporated into these parts to allow the flashings to be opened and wrapped around a square penetration with an obstruction.

  • More flexible TPO Detail Membrane allows for the elimination of T-Joint Covers at crossovers.
  • Delivers substantial labor savings compared to field-fabricating details.
  • Provides a consistent, professional finished appearance.
  • Easier to work with in colder temperatures.
  • Part Number: 305577
  • Color: White
  • Quantity: Box of 8
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4" x 4" Square Tube Wraps, pre-cut Split TPO Pipe Boot Flashing fabricated out of 60-mil reinforced TPO Detail Membrane for WeatherBond, Carlisle, and Versico Roofing Systems. The split-cut and overlap tabs allow the seals to be opened and wrapped around square or rectangular pipes or tubing. These 4-inch by 4-inch prefabricated TPO Square Tubing Wraps provide enhanced flexibility and eliminate the need for T-Joint Covers at crossovers. TPO Square Tubing Wraps incorporate a split and an overlap tab, allowing applicators to quickly and easily wrap square penetrations especially where obstructions may exist.

4" White TPO Square Tubing Wraps are stocked in 3 additional sizes: 3" x 3" (76.2 mm x 76.2 mm), 5" x 5" (127 mm x 127 mm), and 6" x 6" (152.4 mm x 152.4 mm). Shop additional sizes -> Here <- with custom sizes and colors available on a special order basis.

Carlisle WeatherBond’s TPO Square Tubing Wraps are part of the Certified Fabricated Accessory (CFA) program. Certified Fabricated Accessories are the only factory fabricated TPO accessories that meet the stringent quality tolerances required to be included in a WeatherBond roofing system.

  • Item: 4" White TPO Square Tubing Wraps
  • Part Number: 305577
  • Size: 4″ x 4″
  • Height: 11"
  • Material: Reinforced 60-mil TPO Detail Membrane
  • Color: White
  • Quantity: Box of 8
More Information
SKU WB-305577
Manufacturer Part Number 305577
Manufacturer WeatherBond Roofing Systems
Weight 6lb
Country of Manufacture United States

WeatherBond White TPO Split Pipe Seal Square Tubing Wrap Installation Instructions:

  1. Clean the penetration to eliminate any rust or scale and wipe with a Splice Wipe saturated with Weathered Membrane Cleaner.
  2. Wrap the TPO Square Tubing Wrap around the penetration until the vertical leg is tight against the penetration.
  3. Tack-weld the back edge of the TPO Square Tubing Wrap’s vertical leg, ensuring that good contact is maintained between the tubing wrap and the penetration. This process will hold the TPO Square Tubing Wrap in place.
  4. Heat-weld the entire width of the vertical overlap. Hand-roll against the outer surface of the penetration to create the pressure necessary to achieve an acceptable weld.
  5. Heat-weld the base fl ange to the deck membrane and complete the horizontal overlap weld.
  6. Once the fl ashing has completely cooled, check all splices for voids and cold-welds. Make any needed repairs.
  7. Use TPO Primer to prime the area at top of wrap, including steel tubing, to receive white uncured fl ashing.
  8. Wrap a piece of 6" (152.4 mm)-wide Peel and Stick Uncured Flashing (included in the box) around the penetration. Center fl ashing 3" (76.2 mm) on TPO wrap and 3" (76.2 mm) on steel tubing. The fl ashing should overlap approximately 1" (25.4 mm).
  9. Use a 2" (50.8 mm) roller to roll the Peel and Stick Uncured Flashing, creating a good bond to all surfaces.
  10. Apply a bead of Universal Single-Ply Sealant at the top of the tubing wrap so the Peel and Stick Uncured Flashing and the top of the TPO Square Tubing Wrap are covered with sealant.
  11. Apply TPO Cut-Edge Sealant to all edges of the Square Tubing Wrap that are located on the deck. Do not apply the sealant to vertical surfaces. REVIEW CURRENT WEATHERBOND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR SPECIFIC INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS
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