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20 lbs Cylinder Heated Blanket Warmers, Canister Tank Wraps

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Amped Equipment Custom 20 lbs Cylinder/Tank Warmers (85-95°F)

Amped Equipment's Custom 20 lbs Cylinder Canister Tank Warmers - Electric Heated Warming Wraps that are specifically designed for heating & maintaining a range of materials at an optimal temperature of 85-95°F at all times. These warming blankets can be used for heating any 20/40 lbs cylinders/tanks/canisters that carry materials such as adhesive, 2-part spray foam, primers, paints, coatings, propane and other materials.

• Cylinder Wraps Maintain Heat @ 85-95°F
• Made of Heat Reflecting Flexible Barrier
• Velcro Tightening & Adjustable Cinch Straps
• Heavy Duty Industrial Power Cord
• Convenient Frontside Cord Storage Pocket

Financing Available for orders over $1,000

This One-Of-A-Kind Heated Warming Wrap keeps 20 lbs CAV-GRIP Adhesive Tanks/Cylinders at their optimal temperature (85°F)

These 20 lbs Heated Cylinder/Canister Tank Warming Wraps are perfect for Spray Foam, Cav-Grip Bonding Adhesive or Propane Tanks. These custom designed warming wraps from Amped Equipment & Arctic Warmers are the #1 choice for Roofers, Mechanical Trade Contractors, Food Truck Owners and Plumbers because they heat and maintain an optimal material temperature of 85-95°F. 

20 lbs tank warmers feature a unique patented design to both heat & retain the heat. These Cav-Grip cylinder tank warmers have a thermostat that holds the temperature of the cylinders at the optimal set-point. Requires only 50 watts of power, and has a convenient power-cord storage pouch on the frontside of the heated wrap.

  • 20# Cylinder Warming Wraps Set Temperature = 85°F - 95°F
  • Velcro® Closure & Adjustable Cinch Straps
  • Outer Material = Nylon Shell CPAI 84 – 2000 PSI
  • Middle Material Made From Heat Reflecting Flexible Barrier
  • Insulation: Closed Cell Polypropylene
  • Inner Lining: Nylon
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Cord
  • Handy Cord Storage Pocket
  • Color: Amped Equipment Purple
  • 11.5” High x 41” Long
  • 120 VAC – 50 Watts

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More Information
Manufacturer Amped Equipment
Height 14in
Length 8in
Width 3in
Weight 3lb
Country of Manufacture United States
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