2 ft. Tri-Cord GFCI 12 Gauge Extension Cord w/ 3-Way Plug #14880 023-6 | SouthWire

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2' Tri-Cord GFCI Protected Right Angle Plug with 3-Outlets & Shockshield, 12/3 Gauge, 15-Amp, #14880 23-6

Right Angle GFCI Cordset with Tri-Source | Coleman Cable 14880 023-6 2-Feet 12/3 Wire Ground Fault Interrupter 

2 ft. three way 12-Gauge extension cord adapter with test and reset buttons, and heavy-duty molded T-head plug with three receptacles. The GFCI is an integral part of male plug. Provides protection for the extra heavy duty cord and three attached tools. 12 gauge cord is made for outdoor rugged construction and roofing job site use.

  • Rain/Waterproof Outdoor GFCI Plug and Cord Design
  • Latch up mechanism prevents unexpected restarts
  • Meets NEC and OSHA requirements for temporary wiring
  • Great for electrical safety on job sites, in workshops and at home
  • Applications Include: Construction Sites, Saws and Drills, Portable Electric Power Tools, Multiple Tools
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Coleman Cable/Southwire Company Plug-In GFCI with Cord 14880 023-6 | TRC SHOCK-SHIELD® SJTW-A Heavy Duty Right Angle GFCI Plug Tri-Cord, 120 VAC, 15 Amp, 12 AWG Conductor.

  • NEMA 5-15P & (3)5-15R
  • Grounded Neutral: 4 Ohms
  • Trip Response Time for Ground Fault and Grounded Neutral Trip: Less Than 25mS and Grounded Neutral Trip
  • Radio Frequency Noise Susceptibility: Operates Within Normal Limits With 0.5 Volts Injected On Power Line 150Khz-230Mhz
  • Effect of 10 Amp Turn DC Shock Fault Trip: 5% Maximum Trip Level Variation on Ground
  • Endurance: 3,000 Operations Minimum
  • Overload Current: Six Times Rated Current
  • Insulation Voltage: 1500 Vrms - 1 Min.
  • Cord Gauge: 12/3 AWG
STOCK # 14880023-6
MODEL # 14880023-6
UPC # 024098902718
GAUGE 12/3
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 14880023-6
Weight 1lb
Length 24in
Width 2in
Height 14in


TRC 14880 23-6 12/3-Gauge Shockshield GFCI Protected Right Angle Plug Tri-Cord with 3-Outlets, 2-Feet, 15-Amp, Yellow

Coleman Cable 14880 023-6 2-Feet 12/3 Wire Ground Fault Interrupter 

Moisture resistant molded connectors protect operators from shock hazards in the 14880 023-6 2 '-12/3 Wire Ground Fault Interrupter by Coleman Cable. For rugged outdoor use, this fault interrupter is a recommended replacement for the E-C02832.

  • Heavy duty molded T-head with three receptacles
  • The GFCI is an integral part of male plug
  • Provides protection for the extra heavy duty cord and three attached tools
  • 12 gauge cord is ideal for outdoor rugged construction type environments
  • To prevent unmonitored equipment startup, manual reset is required after GFCI trip and power outage
  • Provides compliance with national electric code (NEC 2008) article 590.6 for "temporary Installations"
  • 4 to 6 mA trip level
  • 4 Ohm typical grounded neutral
  • Less than 25 ms trip response time for ground fault and grounded neutral trip
  • 3 kV ringwave test and 4 kV/2 kA surge immunity test voltage surge withstand
  • Operates within normal limits with 0.5 volts injected on power line 150 kHz to 230 MHz radio frequency noise susceptibility
  • 3000 operations minimum endurance
  • Six times rated current overload current
  • 5% maximum trip level variation effect of 10 A turn DC shock on ground fault trip
  • 1500 VRMS 1 min insulation voltage
  • Mechanical indicator
  • Manual reset
  • Heavy impact resistant polymer material