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OLFA 18mm Multi-Blade Utility Knife, PL-1 #5021

Lightweight, ergonomic multi-blade utility knife with storage capacity of 5 additional blades (6 total blades) that easily auto load with the slide of one hand when needed. This material cutting knife is a go-to choice amongst contractors across many industries including roofing, drywall, 

  • Auto-lock blade actuator easily ejects used blades
  • Automatically load new blades with slide of one hand
  • 5 blade storage for continuous fresh blade edges
  • High-impact ABS handle
  • Stainless steel blade channel
  • Change blades without any tools

*Comes with (3) 18mm LB Heavy-Duty Silver Snap-Off Blades

The PL-1 18mm Multi-Blade Utility Knife is perfect for heavy duty industrial work and jobs that require continuous blade changes such as roofing, construction, flooring, drywall, electrical and more. The OLFA PL-1 #5021 utility knife stores up to five snap-off blades in addition to the blade in use, for 40 fresh cutting edges with a quick snap.


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OLFA 18mm PL-1 #5021 Multi-Blade Utility Knife with Auto Load blade feature and storage of 5 additional blades. The OLFA PL1 multi-blade utilitity knife is capable of storing 5 extra blades to make sure you always have an extra blade while working on the job! This utility knife material cutter stores up to 6 heavy-duty snap off blades, and has an auto-lock blade slide for cutting support. The OLFA PL-1 18mm cutter is rated the best knife for continuous heavy duty work across various industries. The OLFA PL1 #5021 comes with 3 blades included and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Manufacturer: OLFA
  • Item: 18mm Multi-Blade Auto Loading Utility Knife
  • SKU: PL-1, 5021
  • Color: Yellow, Black, and Silver

Continuous Blade Changing Instructions for The Multi Blade Auto Load PL-1 OLFA Utility Knife:

As blade segments dull, simply snap off for a new edge to continue working. To load a new blade, move the slider forward to eject the finished segment. Next, pull the slider back to automatically load a new full blade.

The sleek, comfortable handle with an auto-lock is preloaded with three LB Heavy-Duty Silver Snap-Off Blades. For cutting heavy-duty construction materials such as drywall, roofing, flooring, rubber, linoleum, gasket materials, and more. (PL-1, #5021US)

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 5021
Manufacturer OLFA
Weight 1lb

OLFA PL-1 multi blade utility knife, 18mm 

Professional Heavy-Duty Cutter with multi-blade auto-loading capability and safety Auto-Lock. A total of 6 blades can be stored in the OLFA PL1 cutter knife.

  • This OLFA 18mm PL1 Utility Knife Cutter is widely used in construction and roofing as well as flooring, drywall, carpentry, HVAC, carpet laying, electrical, material cutting and marking and many other industries.
  • Compatible blades for the OLFA PL-1 #5021US Multi-Blade Utility Knife, 18mm blades: LB-50B, LB-50, LB-10B, LB-10, LB-6B, LBB-50, LBB-10B, LBB-10, LBD-50, LBD-10, LB-SOL- 10 LFB-5B, LWB-3B.