Caulk Warmer

100 & 200 Board Foot Twin pack

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100 & 200 Board Foot Kit Twin Pack • Warming Wrap System For Your 2 Component Spray Foam Cylinders.

Since the actual yield of the foam is based on many factors, you can get the best results if you control material application temperatures. Generally the spray foam canisters should be stored at room temperature and should be kept between 60-80F during use.

It is also very important that kit foam be applied in LAYERS. Consider 1 layer to be 2 cured inches or less. A layer applied too thick can cause a long cure time and poor adhesion (sagging), but more importantly it can cause combustion. When the chemicals combine at the nozzle a chemical reaction occurs that produces lots of heat. In fact, often times you can feel the heat radiate from the foam as it cures, especially in confined spaces. Because the outside of the foam cures first, the heat from the reaction still taking place inside cannot escape as easily and a thick application may trap too much heat and ignite the foam and/or the material it was applied to if combustible. Generally you should wait about 5 minutes between the application of each layer, allowing full time to cure. This is where using a Reasor Products 100 & 200 Board Foot Kit Twin Pack will save you time and money by keeping your foam at the perfect 80F between applications!

More Information
Manufacturer Caulk Warmer
Weight 10lb
Length 12in
Width 16in
Height 3in

*Heated foam hose sleeves sold separately.

Material: Heavy Duty Nylon Shell CPAI 84

Middle: Heat Reflecting Flexible Barrier

Insulation: Closed Cell Polypropylene Inner

Lining: Nylon Velcro® Closure Handy Cord Storage Pocket

Color: Red

Maximum Temp 105°F ±

Size: 7.5- High x 27- Long

Voltage: 120 V AC -“ 15 Watts

*Will maintain chemical at perfect 80F